The Time of Alexander: Delivery
Created by : Blake AL Boyd and Myles T Teague
Genesis Re:Birth
Dir.  Jamezz Hampton
Produced by : Jamezz Hampton, Rahim Branch, Myles T Teague
Dir.  Ian Main and Myles T Teague
Produced by :  Ian Main and Myles T Teague
Let Me See Your Face
Dir.  Tango Chuang
Line Producer : Myles T Teague
The Last Drop
Dir.  Adam Joel
Produced by. Aggressively Compassionate
Exterior Locations Manager: Myles T Teague
Section 8
Dir.  Ashley McKeithen
Produced by. Free Spirit Media
Line Prod. Myles T Teague

Dir. Chris and Miles
Line Prod. Myles T Teague
Silence of Clarity
Dir. Amir George
Prod. Myles T Teague
MCA - Work In Progress
Only Heaven Knows(WIP) 
Director: Sultan Pirzhan
Line Producer: Myles T Teague
Vitae - '19 
Dir. Adam Santiago
Prod. Myles T Teague

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